5 Ways to Start Preparing for the New Year Now

5 Ways to Start Preparing for the New Year Now

This year is coming to a close in a few short months, and soon it will be time to start preparing for the new year. Get out those manifestation journals, guys and gals. 

2020 has been an emotional year for everyone. It’s been wild, disheartening at times, and the biggest moment to learn from. I don’t have to elaborate further for you to know what I’m talking about.

We don’t just need a new year to roll around; we need the tools and knowledge to make it worthwhile.

May the year 2021 (and all years after) make a grand entrance, full of hope and splendor. Don’t wait until the last minute to start your new year's resolution list. 

Start planning for the future now. Hopefully, these five tips will help make prepping much easier.

1. Self-Reflect on the Previous Months

What did you accomplish this year? What goals did you check off your list? What do you wish you could have done? As you are self-reflecting, make a note of your journey from the beginning of the year to the present moment. 

Taking an in-depth look at the past is a fantastic way to track one’s progress mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and professionally (career). 

2. Create a Goal & Bucket List

Through the craziness of 2020, you probably accomplished more goals than you think. Set aside time to truly brainstorm for the year ahead. It’s a new year with endless potential, so set goals (even give them a timeframe) and update your bucket list.

How will you accomplish each goal on your list? What steps do you need to take to mark off those items on your bucket list? Manifesting is an amazing tool to use for accomplishing your goals. 

3. Clean Your Home

Nothing says starting the new year off right then creating a clean slate. Well, a clean home, that is. Purge your closet and storage boxes of items you no longer need. If you haven’t worn the jacket in a year, donate it. Donate anything that no longer serves your highest purpose or identifies with who you are in the present. 

Other than donating long-forgotten items, give your space a good dusting too. Give your home a good deep cleaning from top to bottom. Don’t forget about cleansing the air too with sage.

4. Give Your Environment an Upgrade

Is there anything in your environment that could use an upgrade? Perhaps you need to replace a lumpy pillow or invest in a new journal? Throughout the year, maybe you had to forgo making any upgrades because you felt like they weren’t necessary at the time.

As the new year rolls around, you have full permission to invest in the items that contribute to a healthier, happier life. Upgrading your environment can make a massive impact on the quality of your daily life.

5. Invest in Your Health

Without health, there’s not much left. One’s health is directly related to one’s happiness and long-term wellbeing. The easiest way to start preparing for the new year is to make your health a top priority. 

Sometimes it might feel like there’s never a good time to visit the doctor or whomever, but usually, you just have to deal with it and go. You’ll thank yourself in the days to come if you put yourself first for a day.

2021 will be here before you know it, so start brainstorming and writing down your new year goals now. Remember, you are perfect where you are, and the year is only as good as you make it. Perspective is everything.