How To Use Your Manifestation Journal

How To Use Your Manifestation Journal

You finally made that investment in yourself and purchased a Petite Petitions Manifestation Journal- yay you! Now the question is, “How do I use a manifestation journal?”

Many people aren’t sure where to even begin with a manifestation journal, but they make that investment based on their love for writing, desire for a new healing outlet, or eagerness for a new hobby.

Other people are very familiar with manifestation journals and fill up the pages so fast they need another one within a few months.

Whatever the case may be, your manifestation journal has unlimited potential for use; it doesn’t just have to be used for manifestation. Anyone can use a manifestation journal for any purpose they see fit.

1. Manifesting

Of course, your manifestation journal can be used for manifesting! It goes a little something like this: want it, write it, believe it, see it, have it. It’s that simple. The more you focus on your desires and transcribe them down into a physical source, the more energy you infuse into that desire, and the more likely it is to manifest into reality. Happy manifesting!

2. Journaling

If manifesting isn’t on the agenda for the day, you can use your journal to get a daily emotional release. Set aside a few moments during the day as a time to self-reflect and sit with yourself. Journaling is an act of healing as it prompts you to write down your feelings, thoughts, or musings and tune in with your heart and mind.

3. General Writing

Another way to use your Petite Petitions Manifestation Journal is for general writing. Use it for any writing purpose you need, such as note-taking, scribbling, making lists, writing poetry, transcribing a lecture video, etc. Your writing options are only limited to your imagination, so get creative!

4. Special Events

Your manifestation journal is not limited to just personal use. It can serve as a guest book for special events or to document all the details about that event. Two common events that utilize guest books are funerals and weddings.

Funeral guest books give the family of the deceased a record of those who attended the service or stopped by to pay their respects, along with heartwarming messages in memory of their loved one.

Wedding guest books are used as a “message board” for attendees to leave loving notes and bits of advice for a happy marriage. It can also serve as a guest book for documenting who showed up to participate in the reception or view the ceremony.

5. Book of Shadows (Spell Journal)

This is where the magic happens- literally. Those who practice magic of any kind can use the Petite Petitions Manifestation Journal to write down spells, sigils, and rituals for safekeeping. What better place to document your magic than in a journal created specifically for manifestation? It only intensifies your practice (which is a good thing).

6. Prayer Book

Keep track of your favorite prayers or write down your own blessings of goodwill in your manifestation journal. Prayer is a powerful thing, and when focused on, it becomes energetically charged. Whether you’re documenting your favorite Bible verses or writing down little prayers to send to a higher power, purpose will be felt behind every word.