Key Manifestation Tips to Get What You Desire

Key Manifestation Tips to Get What You Desire

Have you ever wanted something so bad but were unsure how to get it? Most of us have, so you are not alone.

The law of attraction tells us that what we put out into the world is what we attract. If you put out negativity and a mindset of “I don’t have..” or “I can’t achieve…”, then that is what you will attract, ultimately leaving you without that thing you so badly desired.

However, there are a few tips that will help you gain exactly what you desire.

Meditate on Your Desires

Meditation is more than just a trend; it is a science. Not only is meditation proven to improve overall health, but it is also an excellent manifestation tool. Why? It requires focus, self-reflection, and training the power of the mind. Meditation looks and feels different for everyone, so don’t feel like you have to meditate using ONE method.

Try sitting in a quiet space with yourself, either inside or outside. Have a conversation with the universe, a higher power, or your highest self if you choose. The goal of meditation is to open your heart and listen so answers and opportunities will be clearly presented to you.

Journal Daily

Dedicate a journal specifically for your manifestations. Document your desires, wants, wishes, and actions in your manifestation journal every day. The act of physically writing down what you desire puts your focus on it, as you have to think about it first and then think of it as you put it on paper. The more you journal your desires, the more you focus on them, and the more you attract what you want.

Use the Power of Positivity

This might seem a bit far fetched to most, but did you know that your mindset forms a neurological foundation for your everyday life? According to a study facilitated by Johns Hopkins, study participants who were generally "positive-minded" people were 13% less likely to have heart problems than "negative-minded" participants.

Holding you, your thoughts, and your desires in a positive light will rewire your brain to believe more positively about yourself, thus attracting more positive scenarios into your existence. If we believe we are deserving of love, money, and good fortune, then so it will be.

Create a Vision Board

Vision boards (also called dream boards) are so powerful for manifesting your desires! Think of this like a personalized, very specific scrapbook on one big piece of paper. Your vision board is a combination of words, images, colors, materials, etc. that represent what you want to manifest into reality.

For example, your greatest desire could be to learn how to play piano. You’d cut (or print) out pictures of musicians, pianos, musical notes, and inspirational quotes that feel aligned with your desire. All of these elements will then be glued on the vision board, and it will serve as a visual reminder of what you deeply desire. Place it where you will see it every day, and that energy will be constantly reignited.

Use a combination of these tips (or all of them) to add a little magic + focus into your life. The more you place your attention on what you desire, the more you will attract it and ultimately manifest it.