Petite Petitions Joins Amethyst Moon for an Insightful Collab

Petite Petitions Joins Amethyst Moon for an Insightful Collab

There’s nothing better than when two like-minded individuals join forces. Magic fills the air, and the energy feels synchronous. When Petite Petitions joined YouTuber Amethyst Moon, an insightful and magical collaboration was born. 

If you want to watch the video in action, just take a look at it here or below. We think you’ll enjoy it!

But if reading is more your style, keep scrolling to see how Amethyst Moon uses her journals for manifestation and healing. She also shares a few ideas about how to use the Petite Petitions collection.

Meet Amethyst Moon

Amethyst is the founder of Nourishing Existence, a website based on positive living and spirituality. She is a tarot card reader, spiritual life coach, knitter, wife, and mother to four children. Her artistic spirit fuels her passion for creating beauty within her own life. 

She states, “I believe that everyone holds within themselves the power to change their lives – to change the story they tell themselves. We can control our own destiny.” It is through this belief that she bases the foundation of her business and encourages others to grow, expand, and live authentically. 

One of her favorite things to do is journal. So, it’s only fate that Amethyst manifested the Petite Petitions journal into her practice!

She Reveals These Uses for Her Manifestation Journal

Amethyst Moon is an avid user of journals. She even opens the video talking about her collection of journals and gives us a peek into her tarot journal. (It looked really beautiful- we love the idea!) All of her notebooks have a unique, defined purpose that helps organize her thoughts and intentions. This is a great way to show people how diverse journaling can be. 

Diving Into the Petite Petitions Collection 

Next, she breaks out three Petite Petitions journals- large version, mini version, and spiral version. It's interesting to see how she uses them because she reveals methods we didn’t think of ourselves.

First, she puts a tea-light candle in the cutout circle. Then she demonstrates how you can put crystals in the center cutout to infuse your writings with extra energy. Use the crystals you feel the most drawn to or the ones that compliment your intention. 

But what we really loved was the tarot card in the middle. You can use the center circle to focus on something while writing. So, it makes sense to use an image! Pictures can be powerful focal points, especially if it is a tarot or oracle card. 

Go watch the full video for a more in-depth look at her process and to see the collaboration in action. 

Try the Journal for Yourself 

Do you journal often? We believe in the power of writing for therapy, gratitude, and manifesting your dreams. The Petite Petitions Manifestation Journal collection is specially made with love to help you do all of the above. Add a little enchantment to your writing practice by following any of the suggestions above, or create your own ritual with the journal.